Weekly Newsletters

Weekly Newsletters

We love to keep our members informed about the activities from Dreamland Golf Club every Monday.  If you wish to catch up on our latest Academy News or see who is winning our great events, please feel free to browse through our past Newsletters.   If you see yourself as a future winner, please contact our membership team on  membership@dreamlandgolfclub.com

December 2018

December 4th https://conta.cc/2RzFGFa

November 2018

November 27th https://conta.cc/2Rje7zN

November 20th https://conta.cc/2DQej6K

November 13th  https://conta.cc/2QGYthl

November 6th  https://conta.cc/2Qn3j3n

October  2018

October 30th  https://conta.cc/2Q1IXfW

October 23rd https://conta.cc/2EDMlMB

October 16th  https://conta.cc/2CLgAQ5

October 10th https://conta.cc/2pKfg7i

October 3rd  https://conta.cc/2Iz8vOt

September  2018

September 26th https://conta.cc/2PYSmEk

September 18th https://conta.cc/2pjhsTi

September 4th  https://conta.cc/2wIQ984

August   2018

August 21st https://conta.cc/2vXTfFM

August 13th  https://conta.cc/2B8BEju

August 6th https://conta.cc/2Mjn0XS

August 1st https://conta.cc/2M9avy3

July    2018

July 26th https://conta.cc/2JWAvKM

July 18th  https://conta.cc/2Jx0mJh  

July  10th   https://conta.cc/2JazONC

July 5th       https://conta.cc/2Ntx5CC

June   2018

June  21st https://conta.cc/2I6ELqn

June 12th     https://conta.cc/2MlKUm3

June 5th      https://conta.cc/2HiRKox

May  2018

May 30th https://conta.cc/2xmmNQD

May 22th  https://conta.cc/2x2xNSR

May 17th   https://conta.cc/2wOOyRD

May 1st  https://conta.cc/2JIklVY

April 2018

April 24th https://conta.cc/2JmWX02

April 17th https://conta.cc/2J4Bdpz

April 10th   https://conta.cc/2JBaDVT

April 3rd     https://conta.cc/2Gx7Tv4

March  2018

March 30th https://conta.cc/2uozBnY

March  19th  http://conta.cc/2u1sdyD

March 13 th http://conta.cc/2Go02wC

March 06th http://conta.cc/2Fi2Jyc

February 2018

February 13th http://conta.cc/2srg31p

February 07th http://conta.cc/2BgT8sw  

January  2018

January 29th http://conta.cc/2GuiTpd

January 23th http://conta.cc/2F3bony

January 16th http://conta.cc/2FD4c2K

January 8th  http://conta.cc/2qE7UWi

December 2017

December 25th http://conta.cc/2DJUxq2

December 19th http://conta.cc/2D8wYXW

December 13th: http://conta.cc/2Cd1OOH

December 4th: http://conta.cc/2ATswhB

November 2017

November 30th: http://conta.cc/2zSJigM

November 22nd: http://conta.cc/2zd2uBG

November 13th: http://conta.cc/2yy9U20

November 8th: http://conta.cc/2hldfhC

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