Azerbaijan Golf


Golf is a relatively new sport in Azerbaijan. The driving force establishing the sport in the country is the Azerbaijan Golf Federation (AQF) (Azərbaycan Qolf Federasiyası). Formed in 2012, its key objectives are to ensure that Azerbaijan as a nation understands, respects and learns to love the game.

The AQF has a five-point strategic plan. As a member, Dreamland applies the same through processes to its operations and supports AQF events, programmes and initiatives, such as the junior Flames Golf programme, to work towards the joint goal of bringing the game of golf to the land of fire. These five points are as follows:


Attract and inspire the next generation of Azerbaijani golfers

Promote the health, friendship and competitive opportunities and benefits

Make golf accessible to all, irrespective of location or social backgrounds

Make golf affordable


Identify golfers with a high level of skill, good attitude and commitment

Support talented amateurs to fulfill their potential and progress to professional ranks

Support players in physical, technical, mental and tactical aspects

Work in partnership with the Azerbaijan Ministry of Youth


Provide an invaluable service to all players and clubs

Support our member clubs in coordinating annual tournaments and events

Work in partnership with governing bodies: R&A, EGA, IGF, and fellow National Unions and Federations


Host championships at national and club level for golfers of all ages and abilities

Host professional championships to inspire the next generation of Azerbaijani golfers

Host a spectrum of tournaments for men, women, boys and girls so all golfers can compete


Maintain and build partnerships to develop AQF and deliver outstanding service

Promote the vision of AQF at professional golf tournaments and other sporting events in Azerbaijan

Raise the profile of golf through all forms of media, particularly TV channels, promoting major golf championships around the world to the Azerbaijani people


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