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With the annual tradition continuing of friendly golf matches we were glad to welcome Team Agalarov GC from Moscow this weekend to sunny Baku. With the first snow already in Moscow, the 12 player team appreciated our warm +25 degree weather and the chance to enjoy Baku’s hospitality,
With players arriving a day ahead of the match it was a perfect chance to see the city, whilst other took the chance to practice and learn the course ahead of the weekend’s fourball matches.
With the first shot of the day played by team captain Khalil Khuseynov and Nabi Efendi they enjoyed a fantastic battle against Agalarov team Captain Igor Knyazev and his wife Alla who posted the first 3pts to the visitors.
Elshan Quliyev and Wade Droney played a great back nine in their match to finish the game against Marina Savelieva and Maria Pavlova all square with 1,5pts for each team.
Alistair MacDuff and Ilqar Ahmadov won their back nine, but lost the front so the match was recorded at 2pts towards Agalarov , 1pt to Dreamland. Well played by Nicolas Mokhoff and Dmitry Perevalov.
Dreamland enlisted the help of Kamran Zeynalov, The first Azerbaijani PGA Golf Professional who was in Baku visiting family. Paired with the inform Eldar Karimov the pair seemed unstoppable helping Dreamland Golf Club take 2,5pts out of the 3 against Aleksander Yusifov and Viktor Pavlov.
Sergey Lodikov and Arsen Bakiev showed an amazing game and got 3 points for the team of Agalarov, who played against Dana Smith and Tofig Afandizade
Last but not least it was a team of Ruslan Jafarov and Epifanov Evgeniy who played Agalarov players Igor Starostin and Larisa Chudnova. With some great golf played by both side a solid opening front nine from Dreamland eased the team to a 2,5pts vs 0,5 pt over Agalarov

The final scores for the match were 10.5pts to Agalarov vs 7.5pts to Dreamland. Well done to them as they travel home with the trophy until the next fixture which is planned to take place in Moscow next summer. On behalf of Dreamland Golf Club and the Baku team, Khalil Khuseynov extended his appreciation to the Agalarov team for their participation and for joining us in Azerbaijan for the weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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